The Most Versatile Cereal

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

What is the first thought when we talk about cornflakes? Breakfast! But do you know, this breakfast cereal is so versatile that you can make a number of yummy things with it! Cornflakes can turn out to be one of the most helpful ingredients in your kitchen cabinet. Below mentioned are some healthy recipes that you can make quickly with cornflakes:

1.Healthy Chivda- This requires just one tablespoon of oil, you can roast some cornflakes in salt. Once its done add some chopped onions to it and chaat masala. A tasty and healthy snack in minutes!
2.Cornflakes ke laddoo- A sinfully sweet yet surprisingly healthy snack. Crisp, light and nutritious!
3.Cheese cornflakes- Replace those nachos with cornflakes, Add your favourite cheese, some chopped veggies and you have a perfect snack ready to much with your buddies.
4.Fried ice cream- Well this is one hell of a recipe. Give your boring ice cream a twist of crunchy coating! Crush some cornflakes, coat your ice cream with them and deep fry it. Yes, you read it right, Fry it!
5.Paneer kurkure- Perfect snack to have with tea! Or on a rainy day.
6.Cornflakes chaat- Nom Nom Nom! You can much this chaat for hours. Easy to make and serve to your guests.
7.Fruity crunchy yoghurt- Plain yoghurt can be boring at times. Add some freshly cut fruits and cornflake to your flavoured yoghurt and make it fun and playful.
8.Granola bars- Next time when you crave for a bar of chocolate, eat these granola bars with cornflakes and satisfy your taste buds.
9.Crispy chicken- Don’t wanna splurge on the KFC chicken bucket, Make your own crispy chicken bucket by coating your chicken strips or pieces with crumbled cornflakes.
10.Apple pie pudding- Add that extra crunch to your apple pie by adding a generous amount of cornflakes to it
These are just a few suggested recipes from our arsenal. You can find so many yum recipes on other platforms as well!
Find the detailed recipes of these on the internet and make your favourite junk food healthy with Vita Sana’s cornflakes!

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