Play with the magic cereal, Muesli

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

Muesli is a cereal which is ready to eat it consists of a base of whole grains mixed with a variety of ingredients and oats including seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. It is a versatile cereal that can be consumed in many ways. It is a famous breakfast option all over the world.  It can be soaked in water, milk or can be eaten cold.  It can also be cooked in milk or hot water and can be eaten like traditional oatmeal.  It can be added to fruit salads, yogurt or used in baking recipes. Muesli being a versatile cereal has many benefits like:
> It has raw, unprocessed ingredients, offering you benefits in its natural form.
> Whole grains provide valuable energy-rich carbohydrates, iron, B-complex vitamins, and cholesterol-fighting fibers.
> Dried fruits are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamin C.
> Fruits also provide natural sweetness to your muesli making it yummier than ever.
> Nuts and seeds provide omega-3 oils, protein along with several antioxidants and vitamins.
Overall muesli is a complete food!

As we mentioned that muesli is very versatile, there are a number of recipes on the internet that incorporate muesli. Some are:
1. Chocolate muesli toasts- Whether as a snack or as a dessert, the baked muesli chocolate toast is sure to win everyone’s hearts. Muesli and brown sugar imparts a tempting crunch, while the custard ensures a hearty and comforting feel to this sumptuous delicacy. You can even prepare it as an after-school snack for your kids as it is tasty and healthy.
2. No bake, peanut butter muesli cookies- Here is how you can make some mouthwatering cookies within minutes, without even any baking hassles! Crush digestive biscuits together with crunchy and wholesome ingredients like muesli and wheat bran and mix them into a dough, into a cookie shape. That’s all that needs to be done! sprinkle some choco chips or grated coconut, these are not just easy to make but are also an amazing option for serving to guests or for your kid’s lunchbox.
3. Muesli chocolate bars- These are the best replacements for those unhealthy chocolate bars.
4. Muesli fruit yogurt- Muesli is a popular breakfast option in Europe, its gaining popularity in India as well, this simple recipe is a bliss for all. Muesli is cooked in water or milk and served along with hung curd and fresh fruits of your choice.
5. Muesli bars- This bar is for the fitness freaks!
6.Fruit yogurt parfait- Parfait is a frozen dessert made by layering many ingredients in a tall glass. You can mix and match the ingredients as per your needs. Give your parfait the tangy flavor of strawberries, tropical punch of mangoes and exotic feel of kiwi, add that extra crunch of muesli.

Well, aren’t you already tempted? Well, these are just a few to share, there are so many recipes to play with.
For detailed recipes, you can search further on these above-mentioned dishes.

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