Health Benefits of Breakfast with Cereal

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2019)

Cereal Benefits
Cereals have become an integral part of daily food an essential source of energy. The World Health Organization (WHO) also stresses on the nutritional and health benefits of cereals as a foundation of a proper diet.

1. Source of nutrients

It is packed with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins which makes it an excellent source of energy and the best way to kick-start your morning.

2. Maintains Weight

High-fiber foods, like cereal, are an active part of weight management and weight loss as they have a lower energy density. Starting your day with whole grains is a great way to manage your weight.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Cereals help regulate your blood sugar levels due to their fiber-rich content. People with diabetes benefit from eating wholegrain cereals, showing improvements in insulin sensitivity.

4. Economical

It’s economical, easy to make, easy to transport and easy to store.

5-Heart Friendly

Making cereals a part of your diet can help improve your cardiovascular health. It ensures that you eat less and have more energy which prevents your intake of junk food. High blood cholesterol levels often cause heart disease. Regularly eating cereals that are rich in soluble fiber has been found to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

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