3 Powerful Workouts To Fix The Damage Your Office Chair Does

It’s beyond imagination how much damage that comfortable office chair can do! Of course, whenever you are in pain, you should consult your doctor. But with these expert tips, you can keep the most dangerous desk-job problems at bay. Here is how you can undo the damage:
1. Lower Back Pain- Whether it is occasional or an ongoing twinge, lower backache is a major problem which keeps you away from performing your best. Long sitting hours on the office chair can lead to this problem.
This is how you can relieve it- To get a hold on the tensed muscles, rock your pelvic area back and forth while sitting on your chair, tilting your hips upwards and then tilting them back to the sitting position. It looks a little awkward in office but trust us, it’s the right solution for your lower back. Also, make sure the end of your back reaches the end of the chair, if there is any gap then put a pillow to fill it up. This will keep your spine upright. Also, make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor.
2. Neck and Shoulder Pain- We miss to notice but we move our neck and shoulder a lot! Neck and shoulder injuries are very common, especially in corporate. This happens if your desktop or laptop is far away on the desk, causing you to move forward to peek into it.
This is how you can relieve it- To relieve your neck pain, stand or sit upright and push your head forward, pushing your chin as far as possible. Slowly reverse this exercise by pushing your head backward. Repeat this at least 4 times. To relieve your neck and shoulder pain together you can tilt your right ear to your right shoulder leaving your left arm hanging and further stretching it downwards. You will feel the muscle stretching on the left side of your neck. Similarly, repeat this with the other side. Hold up to 1 minute on each side and repeat it 4 times.
Also place your monitor close to you and right in front of you not angled side-ways.
3. Eye Strain- Long hours of working in front of your computer screen can cause great strain to your eyes. It’s a fact that we tend to blink less as we work with focus. This causes dry eyes, irritation or strained eyes. Your vision can also start blurring.
This is how you can relieve it- After every half an hour, take your eyes off the screen and look at something else (a window across your office). It is even better if you can stand up and just walk around or chat with a colleague. Anything that can give a break to your eyes. Your computer should not be too close or too far from your eyes and should be at your eye level. Try to intentionally blink your eyes and reduce the brightness if the glare is too strong.
Follow these simple exercises which are ultra effective and not at all time consuming, and stay away from these dangerous damages which can become really big in the future.

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The Most Versatile Cereal

What is the first thought when we talk about cornflakes? Breakfast! But do you know, this breakfast cereal is so versatile that you can make a number of yummy things with it! Cornflakes can turn out to be one of the most helpful ingredients in your kitchen cabinet. Below mentioned are some healthy recipes that you can make quickly with cornflakes:

1.Healthy Chivda- This requires just one tablespoon of oil, you can roast some cornflakes in salt. Once its done add some chopped onions to it and chaat masala. A tasty and healthy snack in minutes!
2.Cornflakes ke laddoo- A sinfully sweet yet surprisingly healthy snack. Crisp, light and nutritious!
3.Cheese cornflakes- Replace those nachos with cornflakes, Add your favourite cheese, some chopped veggies and you have a perfect snack ready to much with your buddies.
4.Fried ice cream- Well this is one hell of a recipe. Give your boring ice cream a twist of crunchy coating! Crush some cornflakes, coat your ice cream with them and deep fry it. Yes, you read it right, Fry it!
5.Paneer kurkure- Perfect snack to have with tea! Or on a rainy day.
6.Cornflakes chaat- Nom Nom Nom! You can much this chaat for hours. Easy to make and serve to your guests.
7.Fruity crunchy yoghurt- Plain yoghurt can be boring at times. Add some freshly cut fruits and cornflake to your flavoured yoghurt and make it fun and playful.
8.Granola bars- Next time when you crave for a bar of chocolate, eat these granola bars with cornflakes and satisfy your taste buds.
9.Crispy chicken- Don’t wanna splurge on the KFC chicken bucket, Make your own crispy chicken bucket by coating your chicken strips or pieces with crumbled cornflakes.
10.Apple pie pudding- Add that extra crunch to your apple pie by adding a generous amount of cornflakes to it
These are just a few suggested recipes from our arsenal. You can find so many yum recipes on other platforms as well!
Find the detailed recipes of these on the internet and make your favourite junk food healthy with Vita Sana’s cornflakes!

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Why breakfasts should not be skipped?

Click edit button to change this text.You all must have heard the century-old phrase that says ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. But how many of you follow this? In an attempt to cut down our calorie intake and fulfilling our dream goal of being slim, a major proportion of us tend to skip breakfast, but this can have a negative impact on our health. There are so many reasons to add breakfast to your daily routine. Adding breakfast is a simple practice that can positively impact your energy, blood sugar level, weight and even your ability to focus and be productive. These benefits can be gained by adding a healthy breakfast, not one high in fat or sugar.

This is how Refraining from breakfast can affect you:
1.  Brain Function- Breakfast is the most important tool for maintaining effective brain functioning. A study was conducted on a group of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 in two stages. In stage one, the group was allowed to have breakfast, and in the second stage, the group was asked to refrain from the morning meal. The results were interesting. The group, when on a breakfast regimen, showcased better accuracy in a visual search test, while lack of breakfast had negative results. While the study was conducted on adolescents, it can be conducted with adults too.

2.  Energy level-  If you struggle with a lack of energy during the day, you may be unintentionally causing this condition by skipping breakfast. Your brain and body need glucose to function effectively. After the long 6-8 hours sleep in the night, breakfast fuels your body so that you can start your day with energy.

3.  Weight Maintenance-  If you are on a weight loss plan and have a habit of skipping breakfast, give it a second thought. Skipping breakfast increases the craving for fatty foods. Plus, since your hunger will be quite intense, you end up eating whatever comes across you during the day. And, at times this can exceed your recommended daily calorie intake. Eating breakfast keeps you satisfied throughout the day. 

4.  Health Issues-  If you skip breakfast, you may also be depriving your body of adequate nutrition. This causes a lot of health issues. Skipping meals causes a massive dip in sugar levels, which, triggers the release of hormones that could compensate for the low sugar levels. This increases the blood pressure levels, causing migraines and headaches. You need breakfast to give your metabolism leap. It is the first meal of any day you are providing your body with. According to various studies conducted on how important breakfast is, people who eat breakfast have a higher level of metabolism.

There are many more reasons why breakfast should not be skipped. So take that first meal of the day seriously and start your day with immense energy!

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Essentials To A Quality Sleep

Click edSleeping well affects your mental and physical health and the quality of life directly. Lack of sleep or a disturbed sleep can take a serious toll on your energy throughout the day, productivity, emotional balance, and even your weight. Yet many of us regularly toss and turn at night, struggling to get the sleep we need. Your behaviors during the day, and especially before bedtime, can have a major impact on your sleep. It can promote healthy sleep or give you sleepless nights.  Here are some quick tips before bedtime:it button to change this text.

1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. Wake up at the same time every day, even on holidays.
2. Set a bedtime that gives you a sleep of at least 7 hours. 
3. Do not lie down on the bed if you are not sleepy. 
4. If you do not sleep off within 20 minutes, get out of bed. 
5. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.  
6. Make your bedroom quiet and relaxing. Keep the room at a comfortable, cool temperature. 
7. Stay less in bright light during the evenings.
8. Turn off your electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
9. Don’t eat a large meal before bedtime. If you want to munch at midnight eat something healthy like a fruit. 
10. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. 
11. Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks in the late afternoon or evening. 
12. Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime. 
13. Reduce your fluid intake before bedtime.

These power food help you to snooze away well:
1. Bananas
They are generally considered an energy-boosting food,  rich in magnesium bananas relaxes muscles and they also contain enzymes, which encourage sleep.

2. Almonds
Known as a great source of healthy fats, almonds also burst with tryptophan and magnesium, which both help to naturally reduce muscle and nerve function while also steadying your heart rhythm.

3. Honey 
One teaspoon of honey is all you require to stimulate the hormones that help you to wind down.

4. Oats
Being yet another food rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids which promote sleep-inducing hormones, oats encourages insulin production and naturally raise blood sugar.

5. Turkey
One of the most famous sources of protein and will make you feel full and will also release enzymes that help you to shut down 

And here’s what to avoid consuming before bed:
1. Alcohol
 You might find one glass of wine or any alcohol helpful to nod you off, but in reality, alcohol stops you falling into deep sleep.

2. Cheese
Hard cheese contains high levels of the amino acid which actually makes the brain feel more alert and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. So avoid chowing down cheese post dinner  

3. Spicy food
Spicy gravies affect our peaceful sleep! It causes indigestion, chili peppers contain an enzyme which makes it harder for your body to regulate temperature and hence you fail to fall a deep sleep.

4. Fatty food
Fatty foods can become hard for your stomach to digest and are more likely to cause heartburn which makes it more difficult to get to sleep.

5. Coffee
Caffeine in coffee makes it a no-no before bed, the stimulant stays in your system for a long time once you consume it and the effects can be felt even ten hours later.

Follow these healthy habits and say goodbye to those sleepless nights!

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Innovative & healthy breakfast ideas

Cherry Tomato Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is so simple; you can make it in your office kitchen.

The toast (make sure it’s whole wheat) gives you the complex carbs you need, and the avocado dishes out some great healthy fat.
1.Toast a large piece of Gluten Free Super Seeded Multi Grain Bread.
2.Add 1/4 cup of mashed avocado.
3.Top with 1 sliced yellow cherry tomato.
4.Add a splash of balsamic and chili flakes for heat.

Broiled Grapefruit

What you want is complex carbs, and this simple, delicious breakfast has them in spades.
1.Turn on broiler.
2.Cut grapefruit in half.

Mix 1.5 Tbsp. coconut sugar with 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Mix together.
3.Smooth a thin layer of coconut oil over grapefruit and sprinkle with cinnamon mixture.
4.Place grapefruit on foil lined baking sheet and broil for 2 – 3 minutes until sugar is bubbling. Enjoy!

Chia Pudding

Who knew that the pottery that grows was really a world-class superfood in disguise? Chia seeds are whole grain, and therefore a great alternative to processed grains.
Chia seeds and coconut milk make for a Paleo-friendly pairing in this satisfying breakfast treat high in anti-inflammatory omega-3s. This is another recipe you can make the night before to save yourself time in the morning.

You’ll need:
1. 1/4 cup chia seeds
2. 1 cup light or full-fat coconut milk
3. 1/2 Tbsp. honey

Mix chia seeds, coconut milk, and honey together in a small bowl or glass. Let it set in refrigerator overnight.
Remove from the fridge, and make sure your pudding looks thick and the chia seeds have gelled. Top with fresh fruit and nuts, and enjoy immediately.

Healthy Banana and Almond Granola Clusters

Sweet creaminess and crunch that will trick you into thinking you’re indulging – when you’re really not! This little recipe has plant protein, omega 3 acids, vitamins and wonderful fibre filled complex carbohydrates for days. Feel full, satisfied, and bursting with energy.

You’ll need:
1. 1 cup of almonds
2. 1/2 a cup of walnuts
3. 1 cup of oats
4. 1/2 a cup of sunflower seeds
5. 1/2 a cup of pumpkin seeds
6. 1/2 cup of flaxseeds
7. 3 very ripe bananas
8. 2 Tbsp. of manuka honey
9. 2 Tbsp. of almond butter

For the smoothie bowl:
1. 1 ripe banana
2. 1/2 cup each of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
3. 1 handful of spinach
4. 1 Tbsp. of almond milk or water

Great Grains Granola Snack Mix: Cranberries Nuts + Seeds

Indian Earth’s granola is lovingly crafted from whole grain rolled oats, honey roasted peanuts, soy nuts, roasted chickpeas, dried cranberries, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.
What’s more – instead of artificial sweeteners, the folks at Indian Earth gently crack the whole wheat berry and add a mix of grains to give their flakes a naturally hearty flavor, and then add fruits and nuts for added sweetness.
The finished product is crispy, tasty, and less processed whole grain cereal, and every serving contains 9g of protein and 4g fiber.
So there you have it, a blend of amazing and healthy breakfast ideas that will help fuel a focused and productive day.

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Things to keep in mind for a healthier & happier life

Quoting Oprah, it’s time to “live your best life,” and here’s how:

Love yourself. Every action and every thought, make it tender and supportive. That fragile, little voice inside is listening intently, being shaped by your every judgment — feel good about what she hears.

Quit being critical of your body. You spend way too much time nitpicking what you hate and comparing yourself to others — spend that time celebrating the awesomeness that is you. What you look like isn’t as important as you think because the size of your jeans is no measure for the size of your heart.

Trust your instincts. You know in your heart what’s good for you (like not going to bed at 3 a.m., or baking on the beach with no sunscreen). Don’t be afraid to follow your gut, even if it goes against what other people are doing.

Stop caring about what other people think. Let hurtful, crushing comments roll off you like water on a duck’s back. You don’t need anyone’s approval to know your value. Choose to spend time with people who lift you up. Negativity is contagious. So is positivity.

Do things that make you feel beautiful? When you feel strong, confident, and full of life, it shows.

Don’t let insecurities prevent you from trying new things or doing what makes you happy. Looking good in a bathing suit is not a prerequisite for being good at surfing. Whatever you’ve been itching to try — signing up for that half-marathon, taking snowboard lessons, or traveling an hour away to try flying yoga — if you don’t do it now, it may never happen.

Move every single day, and make it a priority. Some days run five miles, some days take a walk. Life looks different from a bike seat or standing at the top of a mountain, and you’ll experience things and meet people you never would have met before. If you start now, it’ll become a habit. Make sure it’s fun so you stick with it.

Use fitness as therapy. Endorphins are powerful things, and they’re a healthy way to boost your mood when you’re feeling down or upset — way healthier than polishing off an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s. And bonus points for working out in nature — it amplifies the benefits.

Take care of yourself every single day. With every bite you eat and every minute you spend, ask yourself, “Is this nourishing my body and soul?”

Change isn’t as scary as you think. It may seem brutally hard at first, but it gets easier, I swear, and it’s totally worth it.

Seek help. No one said you have to go at it alone. A strong support system will get you further than you can go on your own.

Arm yourself with information. Don’t just go by assumptions about how you think you need to lose weight — you waste a lot of time making mistakes and even more effort being unhappy about it. Ask experts so you can start seeing progress and stop feeling frustrated.

Never stop feeling like you’re 20. Don’t become too preoccupied with becoming an “adult.” Keep that creative and fun energy going strong, because your mental health is equally as important as your physical health?

Appreciate your changing body and all that it’s able to do. If you think you’re unhappy with the way your body looks now, just wait until things start descending and expanding as you become older. Your body will never be perfect, so celebrate its changes and stop wasting time and energy on wishing for what can't be. Love your body for what it brings to your life.

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Health Benefits of Breakfast with Cereal

Cereal Benefits
Cereals have become an integral part of daily food an essential source of energy. The World Health Organization (WHO) also stresses on the nutritional and health benefits of cereals as a foundation of a proper diet.

1. Source of nutrients

It is packed with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins which makes it an excellent source of energy and the best way to kick-start your morning.

2. Maintains Weight

High-fiber foods, like cereal, are an active part of weight management and weight loss as they have a lower energy density. Starting your day with whole grains is a great way to manage your weight.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Cereals help regulate your blood sugar levels due to their fiber-rich content. People with diabetes benefit from eating wholegrain cereals, showing improvements in insulin sensitivity.

4. Economical

It’s economical, easy to make, easy to transport and easy to store.

5-Heart Friendly

Making cereals a part of your diet can help improve your cardiovascular health. It ensures that you eat less and have more energy which prevents your intake of junk food. High blood cholesterol levels often cause heart disease. Regularly eating cereals that are rich in soluble fiber has been found to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

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9 Tips to stay healthy

Maintaining good health requires work and smart lifestyle choices.
Here are some tips for you to stay healthy.

1.Drink water
One can’t stress enough on how important water is for your body. It helps maintain the balance between your body fluids and makes your skin look great.

2. Don’t skip meals
Blood sugar decreases when you skip a meal which can cause you to feel irritable, confused and fatigued. You can eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day rather than missing meals.

3. Breakfast is a must
When we skip breakfast, our metabolism slows down which causes weight gain and indigestion. Eating breakfast kickstarts metabolism and helps you burn calories throughout the day. It also lower stress levels and helps to improve your mood.

4. Snack Smart
Eating the right snacks can help you feel more in control and energetic. Go for almonds, cereal or fruit over chips or fries.

5. Sleep for 8 hours
Human body is a machine. It requires a recharge to work properly. When we sleep well, our minds work better, we digest meals better and we also process emotions and stress more properly.

6. Cut back on sugar
Sugar is just empty calories with zero nutritional value. It robs you off of essential minerals.

7. Take some ‘you’ time
Take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself. Alone time gives you the space you need to process everything that’s happened to you which relieves anxiety.

8. Meditate
Meditation allows us to feel more at ease and fully present. It promotes emotional health and helps control anxiety. It also helps you develop a stronger understanding of yourself.

9. Exercise
Walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, aerobics, zumba, pilates or anything that picks your heart rate up helps you give more energy to work hard throughout the day. It increases blood circulation and releases muscle tension. You should try to exercise at least 4-5 times a week.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

In the middle of the last century, popular nutritionist Adelle Davis advised people to
eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.
We don’t know about lunch or dinner but she was certainly right about breakfast.
Overnight the body is at rest and considered to be ‘fasting’. The average amount of sleep that a
person should get is 8 hours, which is a long time to go without eating. What we eat in the morning
sets the tone for the day and provide us with the energy to make it through the day. That’s where
the name comes from ‘break’- ‘fast’.
We know breakfast lies nowhere near your list of priorities when you’re rushing to work in the
morning. But instead of skipping breakfast altogether you can go for healthy and easy breakfast
foods. Plan out ahead and take 10 minutes from your morning routine for breakfast and that’ll make
a huge difference. It has been shown to decrease the overall calorie intake each day. It will eliminate
the chances of you grabbing the high-fat and high-sugar options on your way or at work. Breakfast
also helps restore glucose levels. Many studies have shown how eating breakfast improves
concentration levels and memory. It also improves your mood, lower stress levels and thus makes
you happier. It helps kickstart your metabolism and helps in burning calories throughout the day.
Start your day off by making healthy choices.
Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day!

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Vita Sana and its EPiC Values

Vita Sana Foods Private Limited is a varied health food company that’s dedicated to see you healthy, each day. Our company has laid its foundation on the EPiC values; Ethical, Pioneers and Committed.
With an aim of working towards a healthier India while extracting safe and nutritious meals from our roots and traditions, our key belief has always been to uplift our rooted community and local resources with an intention to source all raw materials, labor and production from Indian farmers and producers. Above all, we strive to be honest and transparent in everything we do.
We are committed to take the traditional Indian Foods to the global space and adhere strongly to the concept of “Make in India” and making sure we deliver what you need for a healthier tomorrow, today.
Our biggest strength is in being highly collaborative and talented to produce the best quality with skilled efficiency.
Every individual performs standard checks at every stage to ensure our passion to see you healthy today and tomorrow lives strong.

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