5 Super-food You Cannot Miss Out On

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

They are not just overhyped, but the healthiest food everyone should eat daily. There is no fixed definition of a super-food but we can define them as food which is brimming with multiple disease-fighting nutrients and served in a delicious form, umm…. Think of tangy and sweet blueberries packed with anti-oxidants.

Some super-food might be too fancy and expensive to be incorporated into your daily diet. These are the ones which can be consumed once in a while. The healthiest food focuses more on whole foods. The list of these kinds of good-for-you foods is too long. Here are few super-food that we suggest which are easy enough to get included in your daily diet and are sumptuous enough to ring a bell of your taste buds!
1. EGGS- Source of the highest form of protein for people who are not into non-vegetarian delights! Well, this one is a versatile super-food which can be converted into a number of mouth-watering dishes. They keep you full for a longer time. Egg also has two major antioxidants which are a magic potion for keeping eyes healthy.
2. BROCCOLI- While the sight of this vegetable makes us feel unpleasant, it is a green powerhouse loaded with Vitamin K, A, and C. Broccoli can be made into a really delish dish by adding your favorite ingredients or toppings into it, like cheese and sautéed veggies.
3. BERRIES- Berries are a source of many nutrients. These fiber-rich bombs help the digestive system to stay healthy and work properly. They are really good for your heart and that waistline, as they are very filling. You can buy the berry according to their seasonal availability, all of them are great for your health so mix them up. You can also buy frozen berries or dehydrated ones (without sweeteners). They are a perfect partner to pair with your yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or any cereal. Raspberries boast their fiber content and have anti-cancer properties, Strawberries are best for your skin as they have a high content of Vitamin C, on the other hand, blueberries make your memory sharp as you grow older.
4. OATS- Oats are everyone’s staple breakfast. They are rich in fiber and give us those nutrients which our body generally misses out. Plain oats do not have added sugar and a whole grain making them a superfood. You can use oats in multiple ways by adding your favorite berries in it or making superb home-made granola or cookies.
5. NUTS- They are just so versatile! What can you not do with nuts? Well, almost everything. They are rich in magnesium and polyunsaturated fats which are good for your heart, they save you from diabetes. The anti-oxidants in nuts help your immune system against free radicals. Nuts are also very good for your skin, hair, and nails. Make a delectable dark chocolate trail mix or add chopped nuts to your daily bowl of cereals, nuts just go perfectly with almost everything.

The list just goes on but this is just right to start off with. Oranges, Tea, Spinach, yogurt etc. are some other super-food you can get your hands on. These easy-to-eat and easy-to-get super-food will definitely change your health in a positive way.

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