3 Powerful Workouts To Fix The Damage Your Office Chair Does

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

It’s beyond imagination how much damage that comfortable office chair can do! Of course, whenever you are in pain, you should consult your doctor. But with these expert tips, you can keep the most dangerous desk-job problems at bay. Here is how you can undo the damage:
1. Lower Back Pain- Whether it is occasional or an ongoing twinge, lower backache is a major problem which keeps you away from performing your best. Long sitting hours on the office chair can lead to this problem.
This is how you can relieve it- To get a hold on the tensed muscles, rock your pelvic area back and forth while sitting on your chair, tilting your hips upwards and then tilting them back to the sitting position. It looks a little awkward in office but trust us, it’s the right solution for your lower back. Also, make sure the end of your back reaches the end of the chair, if there is any gap then put a pillow to fill it up. This will keep your spine upright. Also, make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor.
2. Neck and Shoulder Pain- We miss to notice but we move our neck and shoulder a lot! Neck and shoulder injuries are very common, especially in corporate. This happens if your desktop or laptop is far away on the desk, causing you to move forward to peek into it.
This is how you can relieve it- To relieve your neck pain, stand or sit upright and push your head forward, pushing your chin as far as possible. Slowly reverse this exercise by pushing your head backward. Repeat this at least 4 times. To relieve your neck and shoulder pain together you can tilt your right ear to your right shoulder leaving your left arm hanging and further stretching it downwards. You will feel the muscle stretching on the left side of your neck. Similarly, repeat this with the other side. Hold up to 1 minute on each side and repeat it 4 times.
Also place your monitor close to you and right in front of you not angled side-ways.
3. Eye Strain- Long hours of working in front of your computer screen can cause great strain to your eyes. It’s a fact that we tend to blink less as we work with focus. This causes dry eyes, irritation or strained eyes. Your vision can also start blurring.
This is how you can relieve it- After every half an hour, take your eyes off the screen and look at something else (a window across your office). It is even better if you can stand up and just walk around or chat with a colleague. Anything that can give a break to your eyes. Your computer should not be too close or too far from your eyes and should be at your eye level. Try to intentionally blink your eyes and reduce the brightness if the glare is too strong.
Follow these simple exercises which are ultra effective and not at all time consuming, and stay away from these dangerous damages which can become really big in the future.

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