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3 Powerful Workouts To Fix The Damage Your Office Chair Does

It’s beyond imagination how much damage that comfortable office chair can do! Of course, whenever you are in pain, you should consult your doctor. But with these expert tips, you can keep the most dangerous desk-job problems at bay. Here is how you can undo the damage:
1. Lower Back Pain- Whether it is occasional or an ongoing twinge, lower backache is a major problem which keeps you away from performing your best. Long sitting hours on the office chair can lead to this problem.
This is how you can relieve it- To get a hold on the tensed muscles, rock your pelvic area back and forth while sitting on your chair, tilting your hips upwards and then tilting them back to the sitting position. It looks a little awkward in office but trust us, it’s the right solution for your lower back. Also, make sure the end of your back reaches the end of the chair, if there is any gap then put a pillow to fill it up. This will keep your spine upright. Also, make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor.
2. Neck and Shoulder Pain- We miss to notice but we move our neck and shoulder a lot! Neck and shoulder injuries are very common, especially in corporate. This happens if your desktop or laptop is far away on the desk, causing you to move forward to peek into it.
This is how you can relieve it- To relieve your neck pain, stand or sit upright and push your head forward, pushing your chin as far as possible. Slowly reverse this exercise by pushing your head backward. Repeat this at least 4 times. To relieve your neck and shoulder pain together you can tilt your right ear to your right shoulder leaving your left arm hanging and further stretching it downwards. You will feel the muscle stretching on the left side of your neck. Similarly, repeat this with the other side. Hold up to 1 minute on each side and repeat it 4 times.
Also place your monitor close to you and right in front of you not angled side-ways.
3. Eye Strain- Long hours of working in front of your computer screen can cause great strain to your eyes. It’s a fact that we tend to blink less as we work with focus. This causes dry eyes, irritation or strained eyes. Your vision can also start blurring.
This is how you can relieve it- After every half an hour, take your eyes off the screen and look at something else (a window across your office). It is even better if you can stand up and just walk around or chat with a colleague. Anything that can give a break to your eyes. Your computer should not be too close or too far from your eyes and should be at your eye level. Try to intentionally blink your eyes and reduce the brightness if the glare is too strong.
Follow these simple exercises which are ultra effective and not at all time consuming, and stay away from these dangerous damages which can become really big in the future.

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5 Super-food You Cannot Miss Out On

They are not just overhyped, but the healthiest food everyone should eat daily. There is no fixed definition of a super-food but we can define them as food which is brimming with multiple disease-fighting nutrients and served in a delicious form, umm…. Think of tangy and sweet blueberries packed with anti-oxidants.

Some super-food might be too fancy and expensive to be incorporated into your daily diet. These are the ones which can be consumed once in a while. The healthiest food focuses more on whole foods. The list of these kinds of good-for-you foods is too long. Here are few super-food that we suggest which are easy enough to get included in your daily diet and are sumptuous enough to ring a bell of your taste buds!
1. EGGS- Source of the highest form of protein for people who are not into non-vegetarian delights! Well, this one is a versatile super-food which can be converted into a number of mouth-watering dishes. They keep you full for a longer time. Egg also has two major antioxidants which are a magic potion for keeping eyes healthy.
2. BROCCOLI- While the sight of this vegetable makes us feel unpleasant, it is a green powerhouse loaded with Vitamin K, A, and C. Broccoli can be made into a really delish dish by adding your favorite ingredients or toppings into it, like cheese and sautéed veggies.
3. BERRIES- Berries are a source of many nutrients. These fiber-rich bombs help the digestive system to stay healthy and work properly. They are really good for your heart and that waistline, as they are very filling. You can buy the berry according to their seasonal availability, all of them are great for your health so mix them up. You can also buy frozen berries or dehydrated ones (without sweeteners). They are a perfect partner to pair with your yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or any cereal. Raspberries boast their fiber content and have anti-cancer properties, Strawberries are best for your skin as they have a high content of Vitamin C, on the other hand, blueberries make your memory sharp as you grow older.
4. OATS- Oats are everyone’s staple breakfast. They are rich in fiber and give us those nutrients which our body generally misses out. Plain oats do not have added sugar and a whole grain making them a superfood. You can use oats in multiple ways by adding your favorite berries in it or making superb home-made granola or cookies.
5. NUTS- They are just so versatile! What can you not do with nuts? Well, almost everything. They are rich in magnesium and polyunsaturated fats which are good for your heart, they save you from diabetes. The anti-oxidants in nuts help your immune system against free radicals. Nuts are also very good for your skin, hair, and nails. Make a delectable dark chocolate trail mix or add chopped nuts to your daily bowl of cereals, nuts just go perfectly with almost everything.

The list just goes on but this is just right to start off with. Oranges, Tea, Spinach, yogurt etc. are some other super-food you can get your hands on. These easy-to-eat and easy-to-get super-food will definitely change your health in a positive way.

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Play with the magic cereal, Muesli

Muesli is a cereal which is ready to eat it consists of a base of whole grains mixed with a variety of ingredients and oats including seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. It is a versatile cereal that can be consumed in many ways. It is a famous breakfast option all over the world.  It can be soaked in water, milk or can be eaten cold.  It can also be cooked in milk or hot water and can be eaten like traditional oatmeal.  It can be added to fruit salads, yogurt or used in baking recipes. Muesli being a versatile cereal has many benefits like:
> It has raw, unprocessed ingredients, offering you benefits in its natural form.
> Whole grains provide valuable energy-rich carbohydrates, iron, B-complex vitamins, and cholesterol-fighting fibers.
> Dried fruits are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamin C.
> Fruits also provide natural sweetness to your muesli making it yummier than ever.
> Nuts and seeds provide omega-3 oils, protein along with several antioxidants and vitamins.
Overall muesli is a complete food!

As we mentioned that muesli is very versatile, there are a number of recipes on the internet that incorporate muesli. Some are:
1. Chocolate muesli toasts- Whether as a snack or as a dessert, the baked muesli chocolate toast is sure to win everyone’s hearts. Muesli and brown sugar imparts a tempting crunch, while the custard ensures a hearty and comforting feel to this sumptuous delicacy. You can even prepare it as an after-school snack for your kids as it is tasty and healthy.
2. No bake, peanut butter muesli cookies- Here is how you can make some mouthwatering cookies within minutes, without even any baking hassles! Crush digestive biscuits together with crunchy and wholesome ingredients like muesli and wheat bran and mix them into a dough, into a cookie shape. That’s all that needs to be done! sprinkle some choco chips or grated coconut, these are not just easy to make but are also an amazing option for serving to guests or for your kid’s lunchbox.
3. Muesli chocolate bars- These are the best replacements for those unhealthy chocolate bars.
4. Muesli fruit yogurt- Muesli is a popular breakfast option in Europe, its gaining popularity in India as well, this simple recipe is a bliss for all. Muesli is cooked in water or milk and served along with hung curd and fresh fruits of your choice.
5. Muesli bars- This bar is for the fitness freaks!
6.Fruit yogurt parfait- Parfait is a frozen dessert made by layering many ingredients in a tall glass. You can mix and match the ingredients as per your needs. Give your parfait the tangy flavor of strawberries, tropical punch of mangoes and exotic feel of kiwi, add that extra crunch of muesli.

Well, aren’t you already tempted? Well, these are just a few to share, there are so many recipes to play with.
For detailed recipes, you can search further on these above-mentioned dishes.

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The Most Versatile Cereal

What is the first thought when we talk about cornflakes? Breakfast! But do you know, this breakfast cereal is so versatile that you can make a number of yummy things with it! Cornflakes can turn out to be one of the most helpful ingredients in your kitchen cabinet. Below mentioned are some healthy recipes that you can make quickly with cornflakes:

1.Healthy Chivda- This requires just one tablespoon of oil, you can roast some cornflakes in salt. Once its done add some chopped onions to it and chaat masala. A tasty and healthy snack in minutes!
2.Cornflakes ke laddoo- A sinfully sweet yet surprisingly healthy snack. Crisp, light and nutritious!
3.Cheese cornflakes- Replace those nachos with cornflakes, Add your favourite cheese, some chopped veggies and you have a perfect snack ready to much with your buddies.
4.Fried ice cream- Well this is one hell of a recipe. Give your boring ice cream a twist of crunchy coating! Crush some cornflakes, coat your ice cream with them and deep fry it. Yes, you read it right, Fry it!
5.Paneer kurkure- Perfect snack to have with tea! Or on a rainy day.
6.Cornflakes chaat- Nom Nom Nom! You can much this chaat for hours. Easy to make and serve to your guests.
7.Fruity crunchy yoghurt- Plain yoghurt can be boring at times. Add some freshly cut fruits and cornflake to your flavoured yoghurt and make it fun and playful.
8.Granola bars- Next time when you crave for a bar of chocolate, eat these granola bars with cornflakes and satisfy your taste buds.
9.Crispy chicken- Don’t wanna splurge on the KFC chicken bucket, Make your own crispy chicken bucket by coating your chicken strips or pieces with crumbled cornflakes.
10.Apple pie pudding- Add that extra crunch to your apple pie by adding a generous amount of cornflakes to it
These are just a few suggested recipes from our arsenal. You can find so many yum recipes on other platforms as well!
Find the detailed recipes of these on the internet and make your favourite junk food healthy with Vita Sana’s cornflakes!

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