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Vita Sana and its EPiC Values

Vita Sana Foods Private Limited is a varied health food company that’s dedicated to see you healthy, each day. Our company has laid its foundation on the EPiC values; Ethical, Pioneers and Committed.
With an aim of working towards a healthier India while extracting safe and nutritious meals from our roots and traditions, our key belief has always been to uplift our rooted community and local resources with an intention to source all raw materials, labor and production from Indian farmers and producers. Above all, we strive to be honest and transparent in everything we do.
We are committed to take the traditional Indian Foods to the global space and adhere strongly to the concept of “Make in India” and making sure we deliver what you need for a healthier tomorrow, today.
Our biggest strength is in being highly collaborative and talented to produce the best quality with skilled efficiency.
Every individual performs standard checks at every stage to ensure our passion to see you healthy today and tomorrow lives strong.

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