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Our Food company made corn flakes with a source of Iron, Vitamin A, B, C & D. The goodness of maize, making it Cholesterol Free. Variants: Plain, original, fortified & can be custom for our food manufacturers company in India.



Granola is a breakfast and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners, and sometimes puffed rice; that baked until it is crisp, toasted and golden brown. Our food company manufacturers granola. It is made by basically the same method as oat-based granola, with broken up matzo pieces in place of oats.



Our Food Company Made Muesli with multi-grain and a variety of fruit & nuts; it is an excellent start to the day! Variants: Fruit, Nut, Fruit & Nut, etc.; can be customised the food manufacturers in India. Click Me to konw more about muesli.

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Our blends exclusive for Patanjali

A healthy start with a healthy breakfast.As a premium food company in India, we provide varied healthy merchandise. Vita Sana is the premium food manufacturers in India.

Here are some range of healthy cereals for you.

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The most popular breakfast cereal, Corn Flakes, is a nourishing, food manufacturers, which is high in Iron & Protein. Made from real natural corn; grown in the plains of Gujarat, corn flakes offer a balanced combination of nourishment and great taste. Click Me to know about Corn Flakes Manufacturers.



Kickstart immunity with a super bowl of muesli that promises a wholesome treat of nutrients, proteins, and fibres. Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, muesli a Food factory provieds a healthy chunk of nuts, combined with digestive rolled oats helps you get through the day, without fail.

Fall in love with great taste Made in India

Vita Sana is a young and vibrant food factory based in New Delhi, India. It has its state of the art manufacturing facility at the Patanjali Food & Herbal Park in Haridwar, Uttrakhand is one of the foremost food manufacturers in India.

We are processors, packers & graders of a wide variety of breakfast cereals. We make variants of Corn Flakes and Muesli. With an onsite Q&A lab, we adhere to stringent quality checks which have resulted in excellent customer satisfaction. Our R&D expertise keeps us always a step ahead of the competition. Our food company associated with Patanjali food manufacturers since inception and serves the country by manufacturing high-quality products.

Our EPiC Values



Being Honest and Transparent in everything we do.



Providing consumers what they need for a healthier tomorrow, today.



Providing healthy & nutritious food to our consumers. Committed to our team that makes us who we are.

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